Planning for, or coping with, a passing is never easy. Careful planning, however, can help to ensure your loved ones are cared for in the future. If you have recently suffered a loss, we can help walk you through your responsibilities as an estate trustee (also called an executor) of an estate. At Carlyle Peterson Lawyers LLP (“Carlyle Peterson”), we offer legal services for estates including:

Our firm’s London-based Estates lawyers know Estate Planning can be a detailed process. Sometimes the process may overlap with business interests and may include the succession plan for a company. Our extensive Corporate-Commercial practice makes us able to discuss options for the future of your business following your passing.


As life progresses, your needs for a Will may change. Illness may change your life’s trajectory. We can help ensure that your assets reach their intended beneficiary, and that while you are living your needs are met. The lawyers at our firm can help you prepare or revise a Will and Estates Plan that will keep your family secure in the event of your passing.

Our law firm will help you assess your needs in creating an Estates Plan and outline your options for your assets and the care of others, including creating a Henson’s Trust for beneficiaries that have special needs.


After the passing of a loved one, dealing with the financial and legal aspects of an estate is likely the last thing on your mind. However, these steps are necessary. Legal advice can help guide you through the steps you must take, including passing your accounts as Estate Trustee.


The team at Carlyle Peterson is dedicated to finding the most effective legal tools to resolve your issue or move forward with your business plans. To speak with a member of our team about a estate transaction, contact us online or call us at (519) 432-0632.