The lawyers of Carlyle Peterson Lawyers LLP (“Carlyle Peterson”), are dedicated to finding solutions tailored to every client. We offer clients efficient service for those who need legal services for Real Estate transactions and related issues.

Our broader Corporate Commercial practice allows us to spot the issues that can arise in a Real Estate transaction. Our Real Estate practice include both residential and commercial issues, including:

  • Buying and selling
  • Mortgaging
  • Enforcement of private mortgages
  • Power of sale and foreclosure
  • Commercial leasing

At Carlyle Peterson, we work to get to the essence of your Real Estate transaction and focus on the important issues. Our London-based Real Estate law lawyers will make sure the legal requirements are in order to achieve your objectives, whether you are looking to enforce a mortgage or buy an apartment building.


The team at Carlyle Peterson is dedicated to finding the most effective legal tools to resolve your issue or move forward with your business plans. To speak with a member of our team about a personal or business transaction, contact us online or call us at (519) 432-0632.