In Ontario, an Estate Trustee is the person tasked with overseeing the details of a deceased person’s estate. Formerly, these individuals were called an administrator if the deceased died without a Will and an executor or executrix if he or she died with one.

The process of being appointed as an Estate Trustee used to be called “Probate.” The London-based Administration and Probate lawyers of Carlyle Peterson Lawyers LLP (“Carlyle Peterson”) can guide you through the Administration process following a death. If necessary, we can help you to determine your status as an Estate Trustee if your loved one died without a Will, and in fulfilling your duties as an Estate Trustee.

Legal Advice for Meeting Your Requirements as an Estate Trustee

In addition to the emotional burden of the loss of a loved one, the process of Estate Administration can be complex for Estate Trustees. Not only must trustees see that assets are dispersed appropriately, they are usually also responsible for passing the accounts of the estate. This means the court must approve the estate’s accounts if the beneficiaries can’t or won’t approve them personally.

At the law firm of Carlyle Peterson, we can help you to determine the steps you need to take as an Estate Trustee. We keep you informed at every step of the process, and with our guidance you can feel confident you are meeting your legal responsibilities as Estate Trustee.

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